Bonjour, tout le monde! My name is Bethany Blount and I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in December 2013 with a double major in Global Communications and Advertising/Public Relations. To supplement my majors, I also completed five semesters of French (four taught in French), took five semesters of Spanish, and earned a certificate in Digital Arts and Culture. I enjoy pursing my diverse interests to learn where they take me in life.

During Spring 2012, life took me on huge adventure: studying abroad in New Zealand and interning with Auckland University of Technology’s Marketing Services Department. While abroad, I kept a blog of my adventure on this website.

My most recent adventure is even bigger.  I left my office job in February 2015, so I could move to South Korea. Here, I’m teaching English to elementary and middle school students; I love it 🙂  This has been such a wonderful and eye-opening opportunity that I’ve decided to stay for a second year!  South Korea keeps me very busy working, traveling, and exploring, but there will more posts about all my shenanigans at some point.

Finally, please email using the contact page with any constructive feedback regarding my work or the website itself. Thank you in advance.

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